Sunday, September 10, 2006

Ruling is on September 21

Ruling on the Preventive Lawsuit approaching

Is Coercion of National Flag & Anthem at School Constitutional?

Court Ruling

Thursday 21 September at 13:00

Tokyo District Court


12:30 Outdoor meeting at the gate of the court

13:00 Distribution of the court gallery tickets

13:30 Adjudication

13:35 Flash Report outside the court

(A lawyer displays a notice in his/her hands and gives a briefing to the press at the gate)

14:00 Press conference

(simultaneous interpretation in English available)

at Bengoshi Kaikan 2F HALL ‘CREO'

(the building next to the district court)

The Preventive Lawsuit (formally called The Lawsuit for Confirming the Right to Refrain from Singing and Playing the National Anthem), was filed about two and a half years ago by school teachers who demanded the invalidation of the directive issued by the Tokyo Board of Education on 23 October 2003. The directive required teachers to stand up and sing "Kimigayo", the controversial “national anthem”, with the implication that, in case of the failure to obey, the teachers would be punished.

This lawsuit is unique in that, while most lawsuits are filed in order to contest against punishments or disadvantages imposed, this one was filed to prevent the anticipated punishment beforehand. Not only those who refuse to stand during the singing but also those who cannot choose but stand against their will can take part in the lawsuit. It has now developed into a large-scale educational lawsuit, with 401 plaintiffs, 56 lawyers and more than 1,000 supporters.

We the plaintiffs claim that the 10.23 directive violates the article 10 of the Fundamental Law of Education, which prohibits the political intervention by the administration into education, as well as articles 19, 20 and 21 of the Constitution of Japan, which guarantee the freedom of thoughts, religion and expression.

The defendants, on the other hand, argue that the directive is based on the Course of Study issued by Ministry of Education, and therefore lawful.

The first court ruling on this case is to be handed down this coming September 21st (Thur.) at Tokyo district Court.

We sincerely ask the journalists from all over the world to come to the court and report on this issue worldwide.

" NO! to Coercion of HINOMARU & KIMIGAYO"

The Organization to Advance the Preventive Lawsuit

Contact  phone number: 090-3694-3309 (Arai)

Friday, March 03, 2006

MARCH 2006 Calendar

March 4 (Sat) 13:30- Rally for Oizumi Blouse Trial

March 6 (Mon)14:00-17:00 Personnel Committee Examination

March 10 (Fri) 19:00-
Rally against Distruction of the Constitution and the Fundamental Law of Education

March 13 (Mon)
14:00-17:00Personnel Committee Examination

March 18 (Sat) 13:30- Joint Rally to Support Conscientious Disobedience
@Zensuido Hall (JR Suidobashi)

March 20 (Mon) 13:30- The 14th & the Last Hearing of the Preventive Lawsuit
@Tokyo District Court, Room 103

March 22 (Wed) 16:30- The Verdict for Oizumi Blouse Trial
@Tokyo District Court, Room 710

March 23 (Thu) 10:00-16:30 The 13th Hearing of Mr. Fujita Trial
@Tokyo District Court, Room 104

March 31 (Fri) 18:00 Stop the Alteration of the Constitution and the Fundamental Law of Education Meeting
@Hibiya Open Music Hall (Ygai-Ongakudo, in Hibiya Park)